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Patrick Duff – Almost Perfect Podcast #68

Patrick Duff is the Marketing Director for Vans for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. A pretty big title but the journey to that title began with working at skate shops in Gateway and giving a hitchhiking 50-year-old bodybuilder a lift. Pat has worked for brands like Nike, DC, and Bata, before finding his home at Vans. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience under his belt which he shares freely on the podcast. 

I’ve always appreciated Pat’s vibe and approach to life, and it’s seemed to have worked out pretty well for him. Although, as he’ll tell you on the podcast, it came from making specific choices towards the life he wants. Pat got a degree in Economics and chose to go and work in a skate shop. That should tell you a lot about the kind of person Pat is. Pat’s also the kind of guy who shows initiative and makes the most of his positions, which is why he went from working the till to living the dream in Switzerland in just over a decade.

We get into the importance of staying young at heart, at being true to who you are, and finding a balance between corporate and creative. We also look at how the current situation has lead to a more efficient work environment while looking at what it means for our personal futures. It’s a deep yet laid back chat with a deep yet laid back cat. Enjoy.

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Photo by Grant Payne.

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