Almost Perfect #69 – Kylie Wentzel

Kylie Wentzel is an artist. While she can create art in almost any medium, painting is her first love and what she’s most known for. With recent exhibitions at highly acclaimed art spaces and upcoming online exhibitions with noteworthy names, Kylie Wentzel is an artist on the rise. Getting to this point though has been a journey fraught with self-doubt, soul-crushing institutions, and trying not to be taken for a ride.

Kylie studied Fine Art at the prestigious Michaelis School of Fine Art in Cape Town and it nearly broke her. It was by exploring outside of formal education that she found her style and inspiration for art-making. We get into the complexities and nuances of navigating the art world as an “up-and-coming” artist. We look at how Instagram has been a tool for connecting outside of traditional art spaces. Kylie explains why Durban is a fantastic city to create art from and we briefly reminisce over GMT and Unit 11 days. Enjoy.

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