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Gilli Apter – Almost Perfect Podcast #73

Gilli Apter is a comedian, writer, and director who has learned to be patient with her passions. You might have seen Gilli on Trevor Noah’s Nationwild or Frizz Pop on Showmax, or on stages all around the country as Gilli is certainly one of the hardest working comedians in SA. Gilli has a razor-sharp wit that she honed for years as a writer before eventually starting stand-up comedy. The funny thing is, she only started writing because she wanted to get into directing. Now, she does all three and makes juggling multiple careers look easy.

In this episode, we get into what it’s like growing up as a first-generation South African in an Israeli household, the value of a non-restrictive creative education, and how your dreams can get derailed if you’re not careful. We also get into the nitty-gritty of joke writing, the differences between being a comedian and being a funny person, and we go through some of the advantages and disadvantages of starting stand-up later than most of her peers. As always, there’s a lot to learn from this one. Enjoy.

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Photo by Andrew Berry.

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