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Mbali Ntuli – Almost Perfect Podcast #74

Mbali Ntuli is a politician who is currently challenging for the leadership of the DA. Considering the DA’s history with young black women in their party, it seems like a rather ambitious task. Mbali is up for the challenge though and hopes to be a positive change for the DA and the country. Time will tell if she manages to achieve her goals but for now, she’s offering an alternative to what the DA is known for.

While we obviously get into politics quite a bit on this podcast, most of the conversation is taken up by a shared love of literature and sci-fi. We hear about Mbali’s political awakening before digging into the really important topics, like Star Wars, Isaac Asimov, and The Handmaids Tale. It’s a laid-back chat with someone whose day-to-day life is anything but laid-back. Enjoy. 

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