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Kevin Goss-Ross – Almost Perfect Podcast #75

Kevin Goss-Ross is a photographer who got his start in the moshpits of Durban and is now a creative director at an ad agency in Dublin. Kevin made a name for himself as a photographer who captured debauchery, dicks, and drugs. You might think that’s great but it saw him being pigeonholed by the local industry. This lead to him spread his wings and explore new boundaries by moving to Ireland. 

This is a deeply nostalgic episode of The Almost Perfect Podcast. Take a trip down memory lane as we dig into the history of Durban alternative scene. We discuss the characters and egos involved, the spaces that enabled it to thrive, and what it was like to capture the chaos. We also touch on some of the technical aspects of photography, we dig into Kevin’s influences and mentors, and we find out how Kevin got into photography by chance. Enjoy. 

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