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Thanda Kunene – Almost Perfect Podcast #77

Thanda Kunene is an art director and photographer who is not afraid of discomfort. Thanda is a rather nomadic soul who seems to forever be on the move. He’s carved out his own space in the SA creative scene by being an original thinker and staying true to himself. He has played an essential role in capturing Durban’s alternative music cultures and has countless photos of some of SA’s biggest stars before they blew up. 

These days, Thanda is expanding his talents as an art director. He’s relishing working with a team after so many years as a one-man band. In this podcast, we reminisce over the glory days of the Durban live music scene and look at some of the reasons for its collapse. We also find out how someone who is so bad at social media was able to carve out a career in an industry that’s often fixated more on reach than talent. Oh, and we talk about the time we dodged a hail storm of rocks together during a riot in the CBD. Enjoy. 

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