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Hannah Shone – Almost Perfect Podcast #78

Hannah Shone is an illustrator and graphic designer with an incredible sense of humour. Like, if there’s one thing I can promise you about this episode, it’s that you’re going to laugh. When she’s not cracking self-deprecating jokes, she’s creating quirky and fun artworks with subtle dark undercurrents. Hannah’s accomplished a ton already with multiple solo and group exhibitions, collabs with hip/popular brands, designing both Diamond Thug and Mx Blouse’s debut albums. She’s even had her work tattooed on people at a music festival. 

While Hannah was paying the bills with a steady office job, she chose 2020 of all years to break free from the confines of agency life for the freedom (and chaos) of freelance. In this podcast, we get into why the ad world isn’t necessarily for her, and why the art world didn’t seem like it was when she was in school. We also chat about the pressures of designing album covers for popular artists and dig into the relationship between art and music. Enjoy. 

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