Phumlani Pikoli – Almost Perfect Podcast #79

Phumlani Pikoli is a writer and multimedia artist who has recently been on the receiving end of some “buzz” with the publishing of his debut novel ‘Born Freeloaders’. Phumlani has been creating art since he and his brother started a rap group in their teens. He has since used almost every medium available to express himself and interrogate the world around him.

In this episode, we reminisce over our early days as music journalists and the unbridled freedom that came with being a creative South African in the 2000s. Naturally, both of us being artists and critics, we get into the art of criticism and its value to artists. We also dig into writing what you know, the importance of offering new perspectives on being young and black in South Africa, and we discuss reframing traditional narratives around recreational drug and alcohol use. Oh, and we also lament the 1999 Cricket World Cup. Enjoy.

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Photo by Lesedi Rudolph.

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