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Moonchild Sanelly – Almost Perfect Podcast #81

Moonchild Sanelly is an icon.  There’s just no other way to put it. How many other South African artists do you know who have worked with Beyonce, Gorillaz, and Diplo? On top of that, she has her own clothing label and is planning to release a range of sex toys. She’s a true original who does things her own way which is reaping the rewards now but saw her spending much of her career as an outsider in the SA music industry. 

In this episode, we learn how her mom instilled a fierce rebellious nature in her and taught her to never follow. We get into Moonchild’s formative years in Durban where she would hustle to get behind every mic she could get her hands on whilst studying fashion, working a job in retail, and eventually earning a slot on radio. We obviously touch on working with Beyonce and what it means for Moonchild, and, naturally, we talk a lot about sex. Enjoy. 

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