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Parabyl – Almost Perfect Podcast #82

Parabyl (Ciarán Slemon) is an electronic music producer and tech-loving autodidact who has spent countless hours behind the PC either creating art or absorbing as much information as possible. It’s probably why he’s wise beyond his years. The youngster has quite a few nuggets of wisdom (and facts) to share with us.

In this podcast, we get into being the weird kid in school. Parabyl was teased for enjoying learning, but now that constant desire to learn more has helped him develop into a well-rounded artist and human-being. We chat about having realistic expectations about a career in music. It doesn’t stop him from continually trying to create work that he finds fulfilling. We discuss the value of having peers who are honest with you. Lockdown also brought challenges that Parabyl never expected as an introvert. We get into the nuances of being introverted but still needing social interactions. Enjoy.

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