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ANG – Almost Perfect Podcast #83

ANG (Angela Weickl) is a DJ and the Culture and Network Manager at Levi’s Haus of Strauss Africa. It’s a job she was uniquely qualified for after 15 years of contributing to the music industry. ANG got her start in the music industry as a sound engineer at open mic gigs but soon found herself becoming a prominent part of the Cape Town scene as a club manager and DJ.

In this episode, we get nostalgic over the pre-social media era. A time where being handed a flyer was how you found out where you were jolling that weekend. ANG talks us through the early days of her career. We hear about her experiences mixing bands that she grew up listening to, becoming the manager at Armchair in her early 20s, and how that all lead to a successful DJ career that she could have only dreamed of growing up. It’s a wonderful look at one of the golden periods of Cape Town’s music scene through ANG’s eyes. Enjoy.

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