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Dylan Buckle (Noobslice) – Almost Perfect Podcast #84

Dylan Buckle aka Noobslice is the events manager for South African esports company ATK. He started out his career in esports as one of the early adopters of streaming in South Africa. Dylan steadily built his name and community on Twitch whilst also gaining experience in the corporate side of tabletop gaming. Both lead him to his current position, something he could have never seen coming when he started.

In this episode of the podcast, we get into the nitty-gritty of esports and streaming in South Africa. Obviously, South Africa has its own unique challenges compared to the more developed countries, but more and more we’re seeing local teams hold their own on the international stage. We explore the growth of gaming into esports. We get into the difficulties of organising events during the pandemic, and we get some very useful advice for those of you looking to start streaming. Enjoy.

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