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DORMANTYOUTH – Almost Perfect Podcast #87

DORMANTYOUTH aka Thelma Ndebele is a DJ and an architect. Weirdly enough, it was through doing their dissertation that they became a DJ (or “clang curator” as they put it). I’m gonna let them tell you that story on the podcast. DORMANTYOUTH has only been DJing for about 3 years yet they’ve earned a resident slot with Vogue Nights JHB, regularly plays Pussy Party, and have played virtual sets for the likes of Boiler Room and CTM. They’re definitely someone you should have your eyes and ears on if you don’t already.

In this episode of the podcast, we get into the art of clearing a dancefloor and learning to balance what you want with what the crowd wants. We hear what exactly makes Chicago Footwork such a captivating genre to Thelma. The discussion also delves into different kinds of space-making and how architecture influences their approach to DJing. Turns out the two aren’t as different as you might think. Enjoy.

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