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ByJono – Almost Perfect Podcast #89

Jonathan Ferreira aka ByJono is a photographer, content creator, and streamer. Jono started his career with a passion for documenting the music scene in his hometown of PE. He has gone on to become one of the most recognisable names in SA music photography.

In this podcast, we get into the struggles of trying to make things happen in a small town before bailing for the big city. We hear how he came to work for Red Bull and what it was like to be mentored by photographers he idolised growing up. We look back on the time we were in a blogging competition against each other. Jono shares his love of hot sauce and its more harmful side effects. We also chat about streaming and the positive effects it’s had on his mental health during lockdown. Enjoy.

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Watch Jono sweat it out as he tries out a hot sauce called “Satan’s Blood” below.

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