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Atalya Chana – Almost Perfect Podcast #105

Atalya Chana is a writer, actor, and director. You might have seen her on your screens in The Haunting of Maria Smit, On Isibindi Street, or the critically acclaimed feature film Necktie Youth. If you haven’t yet, well, you’ll get to see her in the upcoming feature film Thokoza, or in Sweet Wild Things which is set to air on BET Africa. Atalya keeps busy, and not just in front of the camera. Thorns, which was written and directed by Atalya, recently aired on SABC1 and will be touring the festival circuit while she starts working on bringing her next short film to life.

In this podcast, we learn just how adaptable and tenacious the dynamic artist is. She originally started her career as a dancer before an accident brought that to a premature end. Not only is she adaptable, but she’s resourceful. Atalya’s built her career through constant collaboration and dog-eared determination. It’s also a career that’s been built on portraying darker roles, and we get into why. Atalya shares how acting can be a vehicle for healing and self-discovery. We also hear how her acting and writing experience gave her the foundation she needed to start directing without feeling like too much of an imposter. Enjoy.

Content Warning: Suicide.

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