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Audiomarc – Almost Perfect Podcast #114

Audiomarc is a DJ and producer who has been with the Ivyson team since day 1. The “Trap Addict” producer might have come up as Nasty C’s DJ, but now he’s adding to the team by creating banging beats. His early belief in Nasty C’s talent saw them become friends and, in turn, Nasty encouraged Audiomarc to be the best he could be.

In this episode of the podcast, we hear how his parents instilled a deep love of music in him. A deep love that led to him destroying his dad’s sound system on a few occasions. We hear how growing up in different communities and trying to fit in had an effect on his confidence. This lead to him withdrawing and seeking out music online, which has basically led to everything since. These days, Audiomarc has definitely found his confidence. Now that he’s found it, there’s no stopping him. Enjoy.

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