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Caryn Welby-Solomon – Almost Perfect Podcast #101

Caryn Welby-Solomon is an entertainment journalist and podcaster. Like many of us, Caryn saw her life turned upside down when lockdown hit. After years of grinding away, she’d finally been hired as the entertainment writer for Cosmopolitan magazine- a dream job- only to have her dreams come crashing down when Cosmo closed its doors. After a week of feeling sorry for herself, Caryn got to work. A year later, she’s got bylines with most of SA’s top entertainment publications and her podcast ‘What’s IGN Crushing On’ has just celebrated its first birthday.

In this podcast, we learn the importance of creating opportunities for yourself. Caryn has constantly invested in herself even when opportunities have been scarce. It’s allowed her to be ready when they do present themselves. Caryn has a genuine love for entertainment journalism and it comes through in this conversation and in her work. Her ambition and tenacity are an inspiration. You’re gonna finish this one feeling motivated. Enjoy.

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