Catching up with Colleen Balchin and Mojak Lehoko – Almost Perfect Podcast #113

I recently found myself in Joburg again so decided to once again record a couple of my catch up sessions with ex-guests of the podcast. This week you’re in for a treat as Mojak Lehoko and Colleen Balchin fill us in on how life has been since we last spoke. 

Mojak Lehoko is a comedian who has used the pandemic to expand his skillset. His time off the stage highlighted that there’s more to life than stand-up comedy. He shares his desire to work more behind the scenes than on stage every night. 

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Colleen Balchin is an events organiser and DJ who has had a massive impact on Jozi nightlife through Pussy Party. Coco shares the struggles of being a promoter in a pandemic, the need for more empathetic events organisers, and the growth of Pussy Party into a sustainable business. 

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