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Desire Marea – Almost Perfect Podcast #121

Desire Marea is someone who I consider to be a once-in-a-generation artist. While probably best known as a musician, Desire’s creativity knows no bounds. That being said, while Desire oozes a calm confidence, they’re no stranger to imposter syndrome. Success comes with it’s costs, some of which we get into on the podcast.

In this episode, we hear how a friendship with Fela Gucci, formed out of a love of fashion and music, led to FAKA, a musical project that had an impact on more lives than just their own. It led to them travelling the world together and even meeting Donatella Versace. Since then, Desire has released a phenomenal debut solo album and returned home to KZN to become a sangoma. Healing and spirituality are a big part of Desire’s creativity, so it’s a natural progression. We learn about the calling and how it’s impacted Desire’s life and art. Enjoy. 

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