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Carvin Goldstone – Almost Perfect Podcast #1

In the first episode of The Almost Perfect Podcast, we get to know Durban’s comedy godfather, Carvin Goldstone. Carvin is one of the pillars of stand-up comedy in Durban. With countless sold-out shows around the country and multiple international tours under his belt, he’s one of a handful of comedians who can say they’ve truly made it from Durban.

In this podcast, we chat to Carvin Goldstone about the early days of his comedy career. We discuss the pressures of his role in the Durban stand-up comedy scene. With many youngsters in the scene looking up to him it’s almost impossible for him to find time for himself. We learn a bit about his life before comedy with his rap and journalism careers. Carvin also shares what aspects of his parents’ personalities he inherited. We also chat about his Comic’s Choice Award wins and why he didn’t accept them.

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If you’d like more from Carvin Goldstone, here’s his hilarious debut one-man show “No Swearing” at the Durban Playhouse in 2011 that you can watch for free.

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