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Bylwansta – Almost Perfect Podcast #12

ByLwansta is one of my favourite artists in the country. This rapper, producer, designer, video editor, and now promoter is a kindred spirit in DIY and is an example of (relatively) successful self-sufficiency, although it’s starting to weigh on him a bit. He’s starting to realise that his ability and desire to do everything for himself might just be a crutch. Something many of us can relate to.

We get into the struggles of freelancing and being a DIY musician, whilst also looking at the potential value in letting others in on your projects. We also find out how ByLwansta started rapping, and we get the philosophy behind NORMVL- ByLwansta’s umbrella brand for all his projects. It’s a super honest discussion and I think a lot of artists will relate to the insecurities and struggles shared.

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