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Aewon Wolf – Almost Perfect Podcast #17

I’ve got a feeling that you probably think you know who Aewon Wolf is. The rapper has been on our TV screens and radio airwaves for years and has achieved success by most measures. Over the last 2 years though, he’s taken a step back from the spotlight. He’s instead found himself and opening a creative centre and events venue called The Werehouse. 

In this interview, we find out why Aewon took a step back from living the rap fantasy. We have a look at how he’s stepped into his new role as a creative father of sorts to a new wave of Durban artists. We also find out about his early days of starting a hip-hop club at Westville Boys High and how it lead to him and Sketchy Bongo starting a lifelong friendship.

There’s a lot to learn from this podcast about what it really means to be successful and how sometimes the thing you think you want isn’t really what you need. Enjoy.

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