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Nas Hoosen – Almost Perfect Podcast #19

Nas Hoosen is a cartoonist, writer, and lover of most things nerd culture. He’s a storyteller at heart and has learned to utilise multiple mediums to share those stories. Nas writes mostly writes for TV and creates cartoons but has a history in journalism and even podcasting before it was cool.

I’ve always enjoyed reading his many opinions online, so it was a real treat to pick his brain IRL and find out his thoughts on Skynet as a reality, Jeff Bezos vs Elon Musk as Lex Luthor, The Killing Joke, Zack Snyder, liars vs truth sayers, reptilian brains and ego, mental health, and so much more. We go FULL NERD on this one and I love it. I’ve got a feeling you will too. 

Correction on my pronunciation on the cast: It’s Nas like Ass, not Naas, like Botha.  And who-sen, not who-sin. 

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