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Dillan Oliphant – Almost Perfect Podcast #21

Dillan Oliphant is by far one of the funniest comedians in South Africa. His level of wit is hard to match and he has a knack for really putting you in his world with his stories. And yup, I said stories. If you haven’t seen Dillan in a while, you might still think of him as a one-liner guy. You’d think wrong though as he’s evolved into a storyteller with depth and insight. 

We get into how a kid from Eldorado Park who grew up being inspired by Chris Rock specials, now has his own stand-up specials and is an inspiration to his own community. He shares the struggles of starting out, and how much things have changed since early days 9 years ago. It’s been quite a journey. We also get into his love of Man Utd. and how it’s lead to his new role as a hilarious sports pundit online. 

If you’re an up-and-coming comedian looking for a bit of inspiration from a local source, this might just be the podcast for you. Enjoy.

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