Almost Perfect #23 – Caelin Roodt

Caelin Roodt is a photographer who has recently become a Visual Arts student in her 30s, on top of being a single mom and having a 9-5. Caelin is someone I’ve respected and admired for a long time, both for her hustle and her views on the world. She’s consistently called me out on my bullshit, and for that, I am grateful. She also takes remarkable photos, and for that, I’m even more grateful. 

In this podcast, we find out how she started her photojournalism career with the Times of London, we get into the struggles of freelance vs the security of a 9-5, and we discuss how to juggle a career, studying, and motherhood. We also get into the politics of life in South Africa a lot, even though I was mostly looking to chat photography in this one, but as you’ll learn on this cast, photography IS political to Caelin. It’s a deep one. 

Keep up with Caelin on Instagram and on her website.

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