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Cam Lofstrand – Almost Perfect Podcast #25

Cam Lofstrand is a musician and illustrator/graphic designer who you’ve probably seen on a stage near you in one of his many, many bands over the years. Cam’s played as either the guitarist or drummer for Black Math, Fruits & Veggies, The Sisters, Ex-Con, Feast of Famine, Hadeda, and Taekwando Sleepover. There are probably a few other bands that I’ve forgotten. Not only that, but he regularly designs some of the sickest posters, and records a number of underground bands in his home studio. All this while holding down a 9-5 at Disturbance.

Cam’s importance to the Durban and South African music scene is unparalleled. Yet he’s incredibly bashful whenever you throw him a compliment. We get into Star Wars, how important it is to have support as a creative youngster, growing up in a religious household and becoming atheist, what drives him to create SO MUCH. And we dive into the recent history of the Durban music scene through his many bands. Enjoy.

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