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Binwe Adebayo – Almost Perfect Podcast #26

Binwe Adebayo is a writer, strategist, and academic who is currently using cyber-ethnography to do her master’s degree on Black Twitter. Yeah, I had no idea what cyber-ethnography was either, but you’ll find out just like I did on the podcast. Binwe is goal orientated and because of that has achieved quite a lot in her 25 years on this earth. She’s already racked up valuable experience across multiple disciplines, from being a journalist for City Press to finding a passion for being a strategist at Retroviral. She now holds the title of Senior Associate and Strategist at Nicola Cooper and Associates whilst also working on her masters. 

We hear why Binwe gave up drinking to focus on her studies. We delve into the complexities of Black Twitter, the effects of social media and advertising on our lives, and we look at the positives and negatives of influencer culture. It’s an eye-opening chat about things that affect us all daily, enjoy.  

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