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Close up of Neil Green on a stage with lights behind him and a microphone in his hand wearing an East Coast Radio T-Shirt

Neil Green – Almost Perfect Podcast #3

Neil Green is a comedian, radio host, and podcaster- so we have a lot in common. He’s tirelessly worked his way towards the top of the South African comedy ladder and recently became a welcome addition to the KZN airwaves. Neil is now a radio presenter at East Coast Radio where he’s built a wonderful audience that loves him. Ok, not everyone loves him. We get into how his growing fame is turning him into more of a target.

Neil and I actually used to co-host the Live from The Winston podcast together and have been good friends for a long time, so this isn’t your standard interview. This is a rather candid conversation about the state of stand-up comedy in South Africa. We discuss coloured stereotypes vs representation, the struggle of balancing corporate work vs art, and Neil’s early days as a sci-fi/fantasy writer. Bet you didn’t know Neil Green was a nerd? There are probably a lot of things you don’t know about Neil. Change that by listening to this podcast. Enjoy.

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