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Jon Shaban – Almost Perfect Podcast #31

Jon Shaban is a musician who plays both as a solo act and in the band The Shabs. He also has an events company called Sit the Folk Down that specialises in putting together gigs for singer/songwriter types in and around Cape Town. Jon is a phenomenal artist who creates deep, heartfelt, catchy folk-punk songs. Whether on his own or with the band, Jon knows how to command a crowd with his powerful voice, natural charisma, and emotional tales. Jon’s got that gift of being an emotive and epic storyteller through music. 

We chat about  The Shabs’ latest album, ‘Can You Hear us at the Back?’,  and we learn about how they’ve built a following in European countries, one tour at a time. Jon has been in the game for nearly 2 decades and has managed to make a living gigging as an independent artist, which is no mean feat. Now his band is signed to a label and he’s getting to travel the world with his friends. It’s a good life, but it hasn’t been easy achieving the level of success they have so far. Learn what it takes to keep the dream alive and how to adapt to an ever-changing environment from a man who has earned his success the hard way. 

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