Almost Perfect #34 – Keenan Cerff

Keenan Cerff is a comedian who is on the pursuit of happiness, whether it’s providing it for others or just doing the one thing that makes him happy- stand up comedy. That pursuit seems to be working out well for Keenan as he’s now travelling the country doing comedy, although he really wants to share his jokes with the world. He’s opened for some of the biggest names in the game and even cracked the nod as one of the talented acts selected for Trevor Noah’s second Nationwild show. 

Keenan is a sensitive and thoughtful cat. We get an honest perspective on life in Lavender Hill, hating your job,  and pursuing your dreams at all costs. We also get into the importance of making the most out of opportunities and continuing to build momentum. If you’re stuck in an office job that you hate, this might just inspire you to quit. Or it’ll just help you get through the next hour of your life. Enjoy. 

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