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Mx Blouse – Almost Perfect Podcast #35

Mx Blouse is a musician who took the long road to get there. They started out as a political journalist and then got into fashion journalism, before immersing themselves in the Cape Town music scene and coming out of it as someone who no longer just contributes to the pages of magazines but instead now graces the covers. Mx Blouse is gender non-binary and we get into the positives and negatives of being a non-binary creative in 2019. It’s wonderful that there’s more and more representation, but there are still many closed doors for queer artists. Mx Blouse has learned to get around the more traditional ways of “making it”.

We hear what it’s like to go from interviewing artists to creating music with them, and how conversations on nights out can lead to a change in careers. We also hear a funny story about Gwede Mantashe and we get into the early days of blogging and influencer culture. Enjoy.

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