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Charl Blignaut – Almost Perfect Podcast #38

Charl Blignaut is one of the most important people in South African arts and culture but he’ll tell you he’s just doing his job. Charl is a prolific writer, producer, critic, teacher, mentor, and all-around contributor to making art in South Africa. He’s someone who engages deeply with that art. He has written and produced countless important South African stories although he now feels it’s his duty to pass on the skills he’s learned to promising young writers from all backgrounds, with a focus on queer and black writers. 

Charl shares stories of growing up queer in Apartheid South Africa and how it instilled in him his spirit of rebellion that’s guided him throughout his life. We venture into deep and dark topics, but I left with a renewed sense of duty and critical curiosity. I was reminded how young I still am and how little I still know. This one is not for the faint of heart. It will have you reconsidering your privileges and role to play in this world. Enjoy.

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