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Jarcque Henning – Almost Perfect Podcast #42

Jarcque Henning is the owner of a gaming store in Pretoria called HQ Gaming that specialises in Magic: The Gathering. Regular listeners of the podcast will know that I love playing MTG. HQ Gaming is one of my favourite stores to play at in SA. Jarcque quit his job in IT to pursue his passion for selling pieces of pretty cardboard to nerds like myself. It’s a bold move but it’s one that seems to be paying off. Jarcque has attracted a regular customer base through competitive pricing and offering players generous incentives.

We get into the difficulties of selling a relatively obscure luxury product in the current South African economy and we also hear tales of Jarcque’s international competitive experiences. Jarcque is one of the few store owners who is also a competitive player which gives him a unique perspective on the wants and needs of his player base. We also get into the future of South African MTG and Jarcque’s role in it. HQ Gaming along with Easy Gaming Group will be hosting the first-ever Africa MTG Open Series at Comic-Con Africa with a first-place cash prize of R3000 for each day, so I expect to see the best in the country duking it out to secure the loot. Enjoy.

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