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Tasmin Naidoo – Almost Perfect Podcast #45

Tasmin Naidoo is an illustrator and comic book creator. She’s the creator of Avocat and his Gaucrocket and The Rusty Bolt – two very different titles that explore subject matter that you may find interesting: pessimism and bar fly stories. They’re both stunning books with plenty of charm and humour. You should pick them up if you ever see Tasmin at one of South Africa’s growing collection of “Cons”.

In this episode of the podcast, we chat about Tasmin’s rural upbringing in the KZN midlands and how a childhood of reading books and drawing lead to her creating her own comics as an adult. We also get into “Con” life, being an outcast in school, why studying for a degree in Fine Art wasn’t for her, and the creative decisions that you sometimes need to make to put food on the table. Enjoy.

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