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Eric Jansen – Almost Perfect Podcast #51

Eric Jansen is a lekker ou. That, and an actor and comedian. You’ve probably seen Eric on your TV screens as part of Trevor Noah’s Nationwild on Showmax and as an Afrikaans soapy star on 7de Laan and Binnelanders. Only 5 years into the game and Eric is already killing it. He’s paying the price for his success though. He shares how he’s been attacked in the street by grannies for his role on 7de Laan. 

Eric is a laid back, funny guy who is easy to get along with so this conversation flows smoothly and is full of many laughs. While Eric goes through tough times like all of us, he tries to keep it posi and approaches life with an open mind. Learn what it’s like to see your face on a billboard and how not to handle grannies in parking lots in this episode of The Almost Perfect Podcast. Enjoy.

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