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Mojak Lehoko – Almost Perfect Podcast #52

Mojak Lehoko is a comedian, writer, actor, TV presenter, podcaster, and musician. Mojak started out his entertainment career in the rap game before transferring those skills to comedy stages around the country. For my money, Mojak is the best host in SA comedy and I know I’m going to have a good night if he’s the MC. Through countless club gigs, multiple one-man shows, and becoming a familiar face on TV stations like MTV, Mojak has made an impressive name for himself but 2019 saw him questioning where he’s at in life and his career.

We get into Mojak’s early days in the SA hip-hop and comedy scenes and how the skills he learned from rap translated to comedy. Then we get what made 2019 such a tough year for Mojak and where his head is at going forward. Mojak is a deep and honest cat so this one should leave you with a lot to think about. Enjoy.

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