Ebenhaezer Dibakwane – Almost Perfect Podcast #53

Ebenhaezer Dibakwane is a comedian and actor who has been on the rise for a minute now but it’s been a hell of a journey to get to where he is today. While you might recognise him from your TV screens and billboards, it all could have gone so very differently. Ebenhaezer grew up religious but found his life falling apart when he lost his faith. From suicide attempts to living on the streets, we get into some very real topics in this conversation.

It’s not all hectic though as Ebenhaezer has turned his tragedies into comedy and provides plenty of laughs and commentary on standup comedy between the realness. We hear about catching heat from older comics and being humbled by nights on stage. Ebenhaezer also shares how he’s learned to pace his sets so he can talk about real issues without ruining the night. Enjoy.

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