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P-Kuttah – Almost Perfect Podcast #55

P-Kuttah aka Verdine Peterson is a DJ, producer, and events coordinator based in Jozi but who got his start in music in Durban.  This turntablist extraordinaire is a former SA DJ Champion and SAHHA winner who has been a part of influential bands like T.H.O.T.S (Tree Houses on the Sea). He has also been instrumental in helping build the Jozi hip-hop scene as part of Kool Out Concepts. 

In this episode of the podcast, we learn how Verdine earned his place in the industry. We take a walk down memory lane as we get into his early days in the Durban scene. Verdine shares what makes hip-hop so hard to DJ well and what makes playing vinyl records so satisfying. We also chat about whether P-Kuttah will get back into the battle scene, the excitement and fears behind his upcoming EP, and so much more. Enjoy.

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