Kate Pinchuck & Ryan Harduth - Almost Perfect Podcast #57 •

Kate Pinchuck & Ryan Harduth – Almost Perfect Podcast #57

Kate Pinchuck is a comedian, actor, writer, and teacher, and Ryan Harduth calls himself a “comedy uncle” but really he’s one of the people behind the scenes getting a lot of comedians on TV and stages around the country. I was meant to chat to them separately but things didn’t work out that way so instead, the three of us waffled on about comedy and life over some waffles. Apologies for some of the sound issues, sitting right by the cutlery table was probably a mistake.

In this conversation, we dig into the differences between acting and comedy, we look at the highs and lows of being a comedian in SA today (as well as get a little history lesson), we discuss getting broken up with via text, and we touch on ADD and mental health. Enjoy.

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