Robin Thirdfloor & Rhea Blek - Almost Perfect Podcast #58 •

Robin Thirdfloor & Rhea Blek – Almost Perfect Podcast #58

Robin Thirdfloor and Rhea Blek are two of Durban’s most original musicians. Back in the day, that would have been a problem but these days Durbanites are supporting unique and original sounds more and more so things are looking good for Durban’s musical power couple. We sat down together the morning after a particularly raucous First Thursdays event put together by Roots Up and had a chat about making music work for you in the 031 and beyond. 

On this episode of the podcast, we get into being outsiders and how that can drive you creatively. Robin and Rhea discuss The Law of Attraction (which I very incorrectly call “Manifesting Destiny”, turns out that does not mean what I thought it did). And we hear about their dreams and fears for the future. Enjoy.

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