Altaaf Sayed – Almost Perfect Podcast #6

Altaaf Sayed is a comedian, strategy consultant, and promoter who is a straight-up addict for stage time. The guy is literally ALWAYS trying to get spots, so much so that he’s set up his own rooms and even started busking on the streets of Cape Town. I’m a big fan of his hustle and love for the craft of stand up comedy, which is why we sat down and had a chat at The Lab in Muizenberg during the Muizenberg Festival which we both performed at.

In this episode of The Almost Perfect Podcast, we get into the intricacies of the Cape Town comedy scene, the painful process of working out new material on stage, and what it’s like living with a rare neurological degenerative disease. It isn’t all fun and jokes for Altaaf, but he still makes the most out of life. This is a very real and very funny conversation. Enjoy.

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