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Jumping Back Slash – Almost Perfect Podcast #60

Jumping Back Slash is a rather prolific producer and sound engineer who calls Knysna, South Africa home after originally being from a small town in Wales and spending his youth in the London music scene. JBS has had a long career in the entertainment industry but he’s currently loving living out his “late-era Kate Bush” life, creating music in his studio far from the reaches of city life and music scenes. 

This conversation truly goes all over the place as JBS and I work through the last decade (and more) of his career here in South Africa whilst also sharing many, many opinions on “The Industry” and what it means to make and consume original music in these oversaturated and overstimulated times. We talk about our mutual love of Spoek Mathambo and how instrumental he was in JBS’s career. We also get into how important it is to connect and work with people who are on a similar wavelength. I know I always say this, but, there’s A LOT to be learned from this one. Enjoy. 

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