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Nicci St Bruce – Almost Perfect Podcast #61

Push Push aka Nicci St Bruce is a musician and one of my favourite human beings on planet earth. Although sometimes I wonder if she even is human and from this planet at all. Nicci is a phenom and someone who has lived a rather eventful life already, so she has a lot to share whilst things aren’t all that eventful for most of us. 

I initially thought we were going to have a fun chat about wrestling and rap music but due to current circumstances, instead, we discuss the current stresses of Corona both in the USA and SA. From how the fuck we’re meant to pay rent to the effects on mental health, things get rather political and somewhat philosophical before we get nostalgic for days gone past and regretful of the people we used to be. Oh, and Animal Crossing. We briefly chat about Animal Crossing- the prime source of joy for many atm.

This is one of the more candid and open episodes of the podcast. It truly goes all over the place but there are plenty of nuggets of wisdom amongst the chaos. 

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