Almost Perfect #62 – Schalk Bezuidenhout

Schalk Bezuidenhout is an actor and comedian who has been ridiculously prolific in the decade or so he’s been in the game. He’s got multiple specials out, he’s toured the country many times, he’s in TV shows and movies, and he even performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year. Schalk has a lot of experience under his belt but still feels like he has a lot to prove to himself and desires that next level of success beyond our shores. 

Schalk and I get into some pretty deep topics whilst also cracking jokes about moustaches, which I guess is kinda Schalk’s vibe. We chat about being bullied in school and we also get into some of the nuances of growing up white and Afrikaans in 90s South Africa. Racism and homophobia were norms around many of us growing up so we reflect on that and how it influenced the work we create and the people we are today. I enjoyed this chat a lot because I think it perfectly straddles that fun and casual/deep and honest line that I like to ride with this podcast. I hope you enjoy it too. 

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