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Martin Evans – Almost Perfect Podcast #64

Martin Evans is a comedian who has grown tired of the grind of the stand-up circuit. He’s bought a boat and is looking to sail away the second he gets the chance. Martin is one of the funniest comedians in South Africa and has an incredible resume. He just feels like he’s reached a ceiling in SA stand-up that he’s tired of trying to break through. Personally, I get it. 

We learn all about Martin’s early days in comedy. He tells us about his meteoric rise in the London comedy scene before coming back home to SA. We get into the realities of being a stand-up comedian who doesn’t walk the corporate path in South Africa before we take a look at the wealth of opportunities that Martin sees before him now that he’s not tied to getting his laughs on stage. Martin has been using this lockdown to get introspective and look ahead to the future rather than dwell on past successes and current difficulties. Martin is someone who I have looked up to in South African comedy for quite a long time now, click play to find out why. Enjoy.

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