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Majozi – Almost Perfect Podcast #65

Majozi is a musician who first shot to fame in 2015 with his debut pop hit “Fire”. Surprisingly, he originally started his music career playing in punk and metalcore bands with friends from school and church. While you may know him from the radio, I know Majozi from the moshpit which I think makes this a rather enlightening interview. 

In this episode, we reminisce about Majozi’s early days in the Durban punk and hardcore scene. Majozi shares the pressures that come with being a full-time musician on a major label. We learn about how crucial the church was in Majozi finding confidence in himself and also how important the support has been in his success. We also have a few laughs over him getting flooded with messages intended for Sho Madjozi and how he saw her rise through his Google Alerts. It’s a fun and informative chat. Enjoy.

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