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Photo of Lindy Johnson on stage with a microphone in her hand

Lindy Johnson – Almost Perfect Podcast #7

I’m going to assume you’ve at least heard of Lindy Johnson if you haven’t yet seen her face on a billboard near you. Lindy is a rising comedy star who is currently on your TV screens (if you have Showmax) thanks to Trevor Noah’s Nationwild, but she’s been rapidly making a name for herself in the 2 years she’s been doing comedy. Yes, just 2 years! Lindy is a naturally funny person who takes the time to put thought and effort into her material, and it’s paying off for her.

In this episode of the podcast, we learn about how she got started in comedy and her journey since. It’s definitely a unique path that’s hard to replicate without a lot of talent and a little bit of luck. We get into her joke writing process and the difference between writing for Twitter and writing for the stage, we talk about sleeping on couches in the city after gigs, and we discuss dying on a stage that most comedians never die on. We also discuss the issues she faces as a coloured woman, some of the issues the coloured community faces in Cape Town, and how her identity has shaped her and provided some of the opportunities she has today.

It’s an in-depth and hilarious look into the early years of someone who will no doubt be a household name in a few years. Enjoy.

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