Portraits of Richelieu Beaunoir and Yaaseen Barnes dressed in suits and bow ties

Richelieu Beaunoir & Yaaseen Barnes – Almost Perfect Podcast #9

I sat down with comedians Richelieu Beaunoir and Yaaseen Barnes when I was in Cape Town for the first multi-person TAP pod, and it’s as chaotic and hilarious as you’d expect. Richelieu is a Comedy Central Roast Battle Champion and one of the true OGs of the Durban comedy scene, although he mostly applies his trade elsewhere these days. Yaaseen is one of the most popular comedians from Cape Town with a whole host of big gigs and accolades under his belt, as well as a tweet with 26K retweets.

This isn’t really an in-depth look into what made them who they are but rather a candid discussion about comedy in South Africa. We get the lowdown on what it takes to win a Roast Battle, we discuss the nuances of language around the country, and we get into all the idiosyncrasies of the SA comedy circuit.

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