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Portrait of Bob Perfect

Bob Perfect – Almost Perfect Podcast #2

Yeah, you read right. This week’s guest is me, Bob Perfect. I didn’t get a guest in time for this week’s podcast, so I improvised and asked my adoring public/a few friends on Facebook to ask questions to answer on this cast.

It actually turned out pretty cool. There’s a diverse range of questions and I tried to be as open and honest as possible. I feel a bit nervous to put this up because it’s so personal, but it also felt hella therapeutic. I know there are a few of you who might get value out of it. I’m also looking forward to listening back in a few years to see where my head was at on the day weed stopped being super illegal.

We, that’s you and I, get into how I got my stage name, whether or not I think I’m addicted to weed, who my influences are, how social media helped me find my public voice, and my biggest mistake- casual. There’s actually a whole lot more, so if you ever wanted to really get to know me, here’s your chance.

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