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Hallie Haller – Almost Perfect Podcast #90

Hallie Haller is a writer, director, and creative strategist who cares about media, the future and you. She is the writer and director of the utterly charming short film, Belovely, and is currently working on a couple of different documentary based projects. Hallie is also a ForCreativeGirls mentor, a One World Media documentary fellow for 2020, and a representative of Girls in Film’s South African chapter. Not only is she multi-talented, but she’s passionate about developing talent and collaborating with others. 

In this podcast, we get into the cinema vs content debate and the need for balance between artistic and commercial work. Hallie tells us about her struggles with imposter syndrome and some of the difficulties she’s had navigating the film industry. We hear how Hallie has learned to be more intentional with who she works with. We also discuss issues of access when it comes to film. Despite the hurdles, Hallie is a huge advocate for starting where you are with what you have and just creating for the joy of it. There’s a lot to learn from this one. Enjoy. 

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Watch Belovely below.

“Belovely is an offbeat, surreal short film exploring a young woman’s fantasies about her crush and the theatrics of flirtation. This film asks us to peek into the expectations we have of what romance looks like. And admit to the fair serving of madness that a new affection requires. I hope this film makes you sit in awkwardness a moment too long. And I hope it makes you smile.”

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